January 13, 2014
by MegG

I’m going to keep playing this disappearing game for awhile

And then I’ll write a random post here and there just to prove I still have a blog.


1) I still have a very busy job. I don’t see that changing anytime soon and I still love it. I mean where else could I work where someone yells out “Push-Ups!” and a good 4-5 of us drop and do 10?

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.58.17 PM

(we corralate these with production breaks during the day, so if you’re seeing commercials on, we’re likely doing push-ups)

2) I’m still coaching CrossFit! But now only on Mondays from 6am-7am and 7am-8am. For no other reason than we’ve got more coaches and we are only required to teach two classes. This gives members a great variety.

3)Travel over the summer was great and I should have written about it while I was actually traveling. John is in Nepal right now and he’s keeping a log in his email. He sent me the first week and it was so beautiful. I slightly envy the trip, but I envy his ability to write it down way more right now. Expect a big ass photo dump from the rest of Italy and Paris soon, hopefully with some captions and then that will be it.

4)My dog is still awesome:


5) I am THE WORST at sending mail. I wrote out Christmas cards, but didn’t send them. I bought a couple gifts for family and friends in Paris, Italy and Vancouver (we’re talking within the last two years) still haven’t sent them. How hard is it to actually get to the post office? There needs to be an easier way…

6) I am pumped to be going to Whistler in less than 10 days. My skiing has likely not improved at all, but I just want to get a good day in with some of my other novice friends and enjoy the village. Maybe, just maybe we’ll try to get that biathalon thing happening again. Skate skiing sounds MUCH harder this year though considering I haven’t been running and my endurance is shot to shit.

7) I’m going to a new PT and chiropractor now to fix my knee and get my squat to look like a real squat. So far so good, making little improvements, but as always it’s all about the homework, I need to stay on it if I’m going to make any real improvements.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m so tired and it’s only 9pm, I’m considering going to the gym tomorrow especially since I didn’t go tonight. Light loads are all the rage for me these days as I’m getting back into it.

December 8, 2013
by MegG

An Incredible Italian Wedding

Since I’m leaving for Paris in two days I figured I really should finish up my recaps of Italy before I go!

Basilica di Santa Trofimena runfitkin

Basilica di Santa Trofimena

In September, I attended a wedding that was so amazing it’s hard to describe, but I’ll do my best with photos for this post! My friend Lelia (who I met while working on the television show Hoarders) and her now husband Devon are avid travelers. So of course getting married in a foreign country was right up their alley. If there was one destination wedding for us to attend in 2013, it was this one. Inside Basilica di Santa Trofimena runfitkin

The day was perfect, the weather was warm, the church was gorgeous, the food out of this world and the reception was a dance party and a half.  Lelia and her coordinators had put so much time and effort into making the guests happy, and we were simply wowed. The ceremony was touching, and of course the bride looked stunning.




The groom looking dapper! Photos from Mary Beth Walker

It was an intimate ceremony, with touching moments and vows that will bind my friends together for the rest of their lives.


After the ceremony we started the celebration of the newly married off right, with some champagne!


Afterwards, while the couple went to get their pictures taken we were shuttled to the breathtaking location of the reception.

ristorante capo d'orso amalfi runfitkin

This is where we continued our cocktail hour while the sun went down over the sea.

view from ristorante capo d'orso amalfi

The island of Capri in the background. Just hanging out on the coast of Italy eating delicious hor d’oeuvres, nbd.

Once the sun went down and the couple had arrived, we made our way to the dining table. It was set up beautifully.

ristorante capo d'orso amalfi

menu ristorante capo d'orso amalfi

The menu

Words cannot describe how amazing the food was. I’m not a very good food photographer, especially in low light, so the few photos I took don’t do justice to this menu. Somethings are better experienced first-hand anyway.

The table exuded nothing but joy and happiness for the lovely couple. Lelia’s coordinator, Alessandra, even sang for all of us:

The night continued on with so much happiness and of course dancing!  John and I can always be trusted to bust a move at a wedding and this was of course no different. Some more touching moments were shared through the evening, including some meaningful speeches and more songs, sung live. It was magical. Before the cake was cut, Lelia surprised Devon with a fireworks display that helped light up their special night even more! (sadly my camera died so I didn’t get pictures of the fireworks, but I did get a photo of the cake!)


It was huge! I was so full from dinner at this point I remember having a couple of bites which were delicious, but sadly I didn’t get to taste each layer. I need a bigger stomach for adventures like this!

All told, it was an amazing experience and I’m lucky to have been invited to such a special wedding that joined together such wonderful and generous friends.

Have you been to an out-of-this-world type of wedding? Anyone wish they had done a destination wedding?

December 5, 2013
by MegG

Annoying vs entertaining parents on social media: Elf on the Shelf

I’m in a punchy mood today. I didn’t get enough sleep, I’m bored because my next workshop isn’t until late January (thus my trip to Paris is much needed), and I’m annoyed I’ve become such a wimp to the cold (my feet are freezing!). So I’ve decided to vent about this new holiday tradition: elf on the shelf. You see I thought this meme that I found somewhere online was great:

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.05.56 AM


But you know what I don’t find amusing or entertaining, but really annoying?

This guy:


(from creativecommons by mbaylor)

It’s that time of year again where parents get all crazy with this stupid elf. And to look at it, you might assume that the dinosaurs and the elf on the shelf are the same. But here’s where they differ and why the elf annoys me so much. The dinos are for pure, hilarious imagination. No agenda behind them, anyone could do something similar with the toys their kids already have, and it was an idea that came about organically, how fun!

The elf? He’s a “thing”. Parents seem to try to out-do each other with it. You have to buy this specific elf with his specific book and then the kicker? The creep factor of this snitchy little elf,  from the website:

The Elf on the Shelf® is a special scout elf sent from the North Pole to help Santa Claus manage his naughty and nice lists.

While some of the things people have done with this elf have been amusing in a less G-rated way:


(my favorite from this contest at

The majority of the instagram photos I see are mundane and seemingly pointless, and a lot of people aren’t okay with just posting one photo. Nope the elf has taken over facebook and instagram feeds, parents almost getting “caught”, kids observing the elf, wideshots and close-ups of the naughty bugger. Ugh. I think that parents have gotten into this trend mainly to post to social media about how “original” they are. Its become less of a game with their kid and more of another “look at me” attempt. I’m not a parent, so maybe this is just lost on me.

Any thoughts on elf on the shelf? Have you heard of it?

December 2, 2013
by MegG

A break from work leads to a trip abroad

Today I produced my last workshop of 2013 for creativeLIVE. Since August I’ve been going strong, working with some incredible instructors to bring great content to the computer screens of folks around the world. I’ve been happy to be working mainly on our photography channel which has reminded me of my undergrad years where I basically majored in photography (Visual Media to be exact- thanks AU) but ended up not becoming a shooter after feeling like my images were never really good enough. I started focusing on television and while I bought a DSLR to take with me to Alaska:


Me on one of my first shoots in Seattle


This photo made it to the National Geographic website in 2008, looking at it now, I see so many flaws!

I thought of it more as a hobby. Having a DSLR on set was just helpful for production/ marketing deliverable purposes, but after awhile I stopped doing that. My camera has sat dormant, save for a few trips abroad where I realized I ended up using my iPhone more than wanting to lug my larger camera along with me, especially as I felt that my skill level was just so pedestrian.

But then this year, joining the creativeLIVE team, being surrounded by talented photographers on staff and being handed photography instructors to work with has really woken up my passion for shooting again. I realized that while it’s better to have really fantastic images straight out of camera, a little editing is not  “cheating”.

arch de triumph2010runfitkin

For example this photo wouldn’t suffer from some post-processing.

All of this led me to start thinking about what to do with all my time off before the next course I’ll be producing in late January. I want to get out and start shooting. Having about three solid weeks with light to almost no work means absolute freedom. When my brother-in-law and father-in-law started talking about taking a trip to Nepal it spurned the idea of another international trip for me. But Nepal is not where I want to go right now and their timing doesn’t work well with mine. So I thought about it and honed in on Paris. I’ve been there before, I could easily do it alone, and something about Paris in the winter just draws me in.

With a promise to keep the round trip under $1000 I used some miles to get me across the country and from their to Paris was around $750. Sold. I found an apartment on for less than a thousand for 6 nights and boom. I’m booked. I leave in a week. Expect some better photos this time around.

eiffel tower 2010 runfitkin

November 24, 2013
by MegG

Touring the Amalfi Coast: Part 2

Walking was a huge part of our Italian trip. We walked from town to town, throughout ruins and up and down some super narrow roads with small Italian cars and mopeds zooming by us.


A beautiful and rare spot on the side of the road for pedestrians.

We’re looking back at Minori on our way back to our apartment in Maiori. Walking on the roads could be pretty scary!

Since we had another day to tour around before the wedding, John researched a way to get us to the Path of the Gods, we woke up late had a delicious breakfast at the cafe two doors down from our apartment and leisurely made our way to Amalfi. We figured we’d be on the path in no time.

What we hadn’t expected was how hard it would be to get on a bus in Amalfi around noon. Apparently that’s when all the school kids are let out and they push and shove to get on all the buses, making tourists who don’t have a clue waiting for the next round (about an hour later). We ended eating lunch in the main square in Amalfi which was entertaining to see so many tourists and locals mixing all together.

When we finally did make it onto a bus, we were lucky to sit behind two other tourists who were looking to take the same hike. It was reassuring that they got off at the same stop we did and John had the iPad with photos to show us exactly how to get to the trailhead, it wasn’t exactly intuitive from the road without the help of a guidesite.  But then we saw this lovely sign and we were happily on our way.

Benvenuti sul sentiero degli dei

(Welcome to the Path of the Gods)




(on the edge of the world!)


Sparkling waters below


Positano in the distance

While it was somewhat frustrating to get to the path, the views were completely worth it. The stairs to get all the way down to Positano were hard on my knee and when we realized that a bus down to the town from the path was going to take awhile I was less than pleased and even more scared of the roads. I clearly made it through, though, was not exactly happy about it.


I cheered up when John told me I could go shopping and buy anything I wanted. We looked around just a bit, and when nothing caught my eye a stop at a cafe was really all I wanted and needed.


Chocolate mousse for the win!

The ride back to Amalfi via the ferry was one of the highlights of the trip. Cruising at sunset, with a barely crowded boat, and a happy husband, that was great.



I’m a lucky wife

DSCN0341 DSCN0358

The following day was Lelia’s wedding! Which of course deserves a post all of its own, so I will hopefully get to finishing that one soon. I also have a whole bunch of photos from Paestum and Rome, which may just be a photo dump on the blog with just a few sentences so I can feel caught up. It’s hard to believe that this trip was over two months ago!

November 17, 2013
by MegG

A break in silence with an update!

Hey you guys!! Man I’ve missed blogging. I’ve been pretty good about keeping up my instagram but even that has not been updated with a ton of personal fun stuff, as I’ve been enveloped in work over the last couple of months. So, while I still have 2 Almalfi posts to write (one talking about the rest of our time there, and one detailing Lelia’s amazing wedding) I just wanted to drop in on a Sunday to say hi, post some pictures from the last couple of weeks and give a quick rambling update on life, so here goes!


I’ve barely been doing either one. Last week, on Veteran’s Day I decided to get back into it by completing a hero WOD:


This was very hard, and in the middle of it, I literally lost a toenail (sorry, gross, I know. I’m not someone who takes or shares photos of this stuff, so don’t worry) but I finished it and man was I sore! Running has consisted of running to and from the gym (all of about a block and a half) to coach. I KNOW, I’m a coach who is not working out!! I no longer have excuses, while the tendons around my knee still feel very tight, and my knee occasionally hurts, I should be mobilizing and actually working out with it. Getting back into the gym last week was my first step, I’m making a crossfit comeback. As for running… I’m still holding off on that until at least January, maybe February… I signed up for the Vancouver Half which is in May, I have plenty of time to get geared up to train for that.


Surprisingly, I have actually been traveling quite a bit!  On the first of November I headed to San Fran for literally one night to celebrate my former boss’s birthday. I really missed my Indigo gang, and so when I got the invite to her party I couldn’t say no. I made the journey by myself and while I missed the hubbo, I had a blast with my old co-workers:


sexy Hana! If I look half as amazing as she does at her age then I will consider myself a winner of the gene pool. Hana is the spark plug of Indigo and I’m so happy that I got to help celebrate her birthday down in the bay area.


Me and Evan, two of the I (almost) Got Away With It originals.

Evan worked research with me on the first season of GOT, he then turned into an AMAZING art director while I stayed in Pre-Pro for years. We clearly love each other.

The next weekend, John convinced me to head to Portland with my in-laws and the pup and attempt to leave work behind for the weekend. It was a great decision and we had a really good time. We actually stayed in Vancouver, WA and traveled into Portland and then to Canon Beach on Saturday and just hung out in Portland on Sunday.


When in Portland you have to go to food trucks!

While in Canon Beach, I took most of my photos on John’s new iPhone, since my camera is acting really odd and giving off this hazy look recently. His pictures come out so crisp, I think I may want to upgrade just for the camera!

Anyway, here are my photos from that weekend:


Fort Vancouver, in Vancouver, WA


Portland Saturday Market


Mother’s! Best brunch in Portland, we got there at the exact right time before the crowds came in.

It was a very good idea for me to get away and have a little time to spend with family. Work has been incredibly busy, and I’ve been neglecting my husband and the pup so it was important for me to get out of town and not work too much over the weekend. All about balance, right?


Speaking of… I think I can now say more about my job! While learning the ropes has been a process, it’s hard to believe all I’ve done at creativeLIVE in the last 3 months, it’s been a trip!


From an experimental portraiture class with two extremely talented women


to creating a mock wedding with a brilliant high fashion, high end wedding photographer


to getting down to business to cover 30 days in three


To finding light and a lot of inspiration from a newborn and maternity photographer. It’s been wild and a huge learning experience all the way through.

It’s pretty amazing to hear from people that the company I work for and the things I do literally change their lives. Education is so important to me, knowing that you don’t know it all is a way to live a free and curious life. I now have 4 pretty intense courses under my belt, each one taught me something new (not only from the content the instructors were giving, but also about my job and even myself in a new and very different work environment). I’m giving so much of myself to this job, thus the many hours spent working and not doing too much else. I’m just now starting to figure out where balance can be found, but I know that it will take a lot of focus and it’s time to set some standards on how much I’m working.

So basically that’s what’s been going on! I look forward to taking a day off this week, before another two day course that’s coming up. If any of my readers are interested in learning how to make their vision better by doing some simple exercises, and learning this directly from a fantastic teacher please write to me in the comments!! Dr. Cobb from Z-Health and Vision Gym is coming in on Thursday and I need in studio students!