Endurance running and expert advice

Endurance running and expert advice
This is the place to start just to get an idea on why you will find so many different articles on endurance running, what to eat, how to train etc. All this information is it all valuable and who or what article to trust when they all state different things!

Experience will defiantly make a better endurance runner and one way to get experience is from listening to others that have done Endurance Running the so called experts but two so called “experts” can have different views on what is right and wrong. Why can experts on an area have different believes on what is right and wrong when training, eating etc. Training for a run longer than a marathon – one expert would say training for an endurance run longer than a marathon would require that you had some real long runs, you would have to learn how to build endurance both for your mussels, tissue, bones and mental by running some long runs. Another expert would say that training for such a long run would only require shorter runs (10-15 miles/km) but faster and both experts would probably state that they had seen research on this that would show they were right and the funny thing is, they might both be right on what they say because every human is different from each other and so is the training suited for them (of course you can make some “average” training that will work for the majority).

Humans are made from a very complex set of chemistry and physics that in comparison with a machine would make any machine fade. That would mean one little adjustment in the body would affect many other things and people are different and both chemistry and physics will differ from person to person which is why one set of rules on how to train, eat, drink, sleep would not be beneficial for everybody. Of course you can make some “average” training that will work for the majority.

All in all it comes down to different people needs different training and that is why one expert saying one thing might be good for one but not for another. It is all a matter of getting to know yourself and getting to know what makes the results for you. Only experience can take you there and experience takes time so there are not really any shortcuts. You just have to get going and really monitor what happens with you and your body, your mood, muscles and the more you are aware the more you will be able to learn and adjust to find what is the best way for you to reach your personal goals. Just remember only the sky is the limit so make sure it is not your mind setting the limits but YOU.

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