Lower Abdominal Exercise That Works

Lower Abdominal Exercise That Works

Lower abdominal exercise is a more targeted exercise program for the abdominal region. As with any targeted exercise there are dos and don’ts and a zillion variations on a few simple maneuvers. Whether you are male or female, the abdominal area seems to need work, as we get older and/or less active. Modifying any abdominal regimen to include specifically lower abdominal exercise is a great idea.

Setting up an exercise routine that specifically includes lower abdominal exercise is quite important. It is in your best interests to keep the abdominal wall in a healthy and strengthened state. Continually stretching and strengthening the core of your body is a great way to maintain balance and mobility in years to come. The abdominal region is a specific core area of the entire body. Lower abdominal exercise enforces the diversity of the abdomen to stabilize your body creating great posture whether you want it or not. Keeping all the abdominal muscles in a healthy state is essential to great health, and the lower abs are no exception.

There are certain lower abdominal exercises that are more beneficial to men than women or that work in a different way for each gender. But overall there is no real need to separate lower abdominal exercise regarding the sex of the person performing the exercise. Here again -simple movements tend to be more productive and result oriented in the long run. You truly do not need tons of expensive equipment nor do you need to join a gym in order to improve your lower abdominal region. There are easy exercises you can achieve while sitting in a comfortable kitchen chair, or lying on the floor in your living room.

Lying flat on your back, arms stretched, hands flat out beside you with both legs curled toward your chest in a relaxed state is the first step to a simple lower abdominal exercise. Keeping your legs bent, simply breathe out of your mouth in a hissing breath as you lower your legs down to gently tap the floor and breath in through your nose as you raise your knees back up in one motion. Do this for a count of ten, stretch, and begin again. On the spectrum of every lower abdominal exercise this is the easiest. Gradually increasing these simple lower abdominal workouts to encompass more involved exercises will be a breeze.

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