How A Garmin GPS Watch Will Improve Your Running

GPS Garmin

These days if you want to be the best runner out there you have to use every advantage you can get. Athletes these days are extremely competitive and know everything from the science behind running at high elevations to the best diets for high performance running.

One thing all competitive runners have is a GPS watch. To Garmin, their GPS watches are more than just GPS watches. They call them personal trainers and that is exactly what they are. Since these watches use GPS technology, which know the exact location anywhere in the world, you can track your speed, distance, calories burned, heart rate, elevation and a lot more data, in real-time.

Just as important as real-time data, if not more important, is historical data. These watches allow you to wirelessly upload your data from your watch to your computer. Using patented Garmin software, you can analyze this data using charts and spreadsheets. You can also overlay your routes over Google Earth, side by side, with this data and see where you are lacking in certain areas of terrain.

An important way to increase performance is through competition and goal setting. Garmin watches have a feature that will allow you to compete against previous workouts as well as the ability to set goals for certain data such as heart rate and speed. Another great way to improve your performance, is using interval training where it will sound when it is time to sprint or jog.

Of all the features of Garmin watches the most important might be Garmin Connect. This is a community of other athletes who are also constantly striving to make new heights. Here you can compare your results with other athletes while encouraging each other at the same time.

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