I’m going to keep playing this disappearing game for awhile


And then I’ll write a random post here and there just to prove I still have a blog.


1) I still have a very busy job. I don’t see that changing anytime soon and I still love it. I mean where else could I work where someone yells out “Push-Ups!” and a good 4-5 of us drop and do 10?

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.58.17 PM

(we corralate these with production breaks during the day, so if you’re seeing commercials on, we’re likely doing push-ups)

2) I’m still coaching CrossFit! But now only on Mondays from 6am-7am and 7am-8am. For no other reason than we’ve got more coaches and we are only required to teach two classes. This gives members a great variety.

3)Travel over the summer was great and I should have written about it while I was actually traveling. John is in Nepal right now and he’s keeping a log in his email. He sent me the first week and it was so beautiful. I slightly envy the trip, but I envy his ability to write it down way more right now. Expect a big ass photo dump from the rest of Italy and Paris soon, hopefully with some captions and then that will be it.

4)My dog is still awesome:


5) I am THE WORST at sending mail. I wrote out Christmas cards, but didn’t send them. I bought a couple gifts for family and friends in Paris, Italy and Vancouver (we’re talking within the last two years) still haven’t sent them. How hard is it to actually get to the post office? There needs to be an easier way…

6) I am pumped to be going to Whistler in less than 10 days. My skiing has likely not improved at all, but I just want to get a good day in with some of my other novice friends and enjoy the village. Maybe, just maybe we’ll try to get that biathalon thing happening again. Skate skiing sounds MUCH harder this year though considering I haven’t been running and my endurance is shot to shit.

7) I’m going to a new PT and chiropractor now to fix my knee and get my squat to look like a real squat. So far so good, making little improvements, but as always it’s all about the homework, I need to stay on it if I’m going to make any real improvements.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m so tired and it’s only 9pm, I’m considering going to the gym tomorrow especially since I didn’t go tonight. Light loads are all the rage for me these days as I’m getting back into it.

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