An Incredible Italian Wedding


Since I’m leaving for Paris in two days I figured I really should finish up my recaps of Italy before I go!

Basilica di Santa Trofimena runfitkin

Basilica di Santa Trofimena

In September, I attended a wedding that was so amazing it’s hard to describe, but I’ll do my best with photos for this post! My friend Lelia (who I met while working on the television show Hoarders) and her now husband Devon are avid travelers. So of course getting married in a foreign country was right up their alley. If there was one destination wedding for us to attend in 2013, it was this one. Inside Basilica di Santa Trofimena runfitkin

The day was perfect, the weather was warm, the church was gorgeous, the food out of this world and the reception was a dance party and a half.  Lelia and her coordinators had put so much time and effort into making the guests happy, and we were simply wowed. The ceremony was touching, and of course the bride looked stunning.




The groom looking dapper! Photos from Mary Beth Walker

It was an intimate ceremony, with touching moments and vows that will bind my friends together for the rest of their lives.


After the ceremony we started the celebration of the newly married off right, with some champagne!


Afterwards, while the couple went to get their pictures taken we were shuttled to the breathtaking location of the reception.

ristorante capo d'orso amalfi runfitkin

This is where we continued our cocktail hour while the sun went down over the sea.

view from ristorante capo d'orso amalfi

The island of Capri in the background. Just hanging out on the coast of Italy eating delicious hor d’oeuvres, nbd.

Once the sun went down and the couple had arrived, we made our way to the dining table. It was set up beautifully.

ristorante capo d'orso amalfi

menu ristorante capo d'orso amalfi

The menu

Words cannot describe how amazing the food was. I’m not a very good food photographer, especially in low light, so the few photos I took don’t do justice to this menu. Somethings are better experienced first-hand anyway.

The table exuded nothing but joy and happiness for the lovely couple. Lelia’s coordinator, Alessandra, even sang for all of us:

The night continued on with so much happiness and of course dancing!  John and I can always be trusted to bust a move at a wedding and this was of course no different. Some more touching moments were shared through the evening, including some meaningful speeches and more songs, sung live. It was magical. Before the cake was cut, Lelia surprised Devon with a fireworks display that helped light up their special night even more! (sadly my camera died so I didn’t get pictures of the fireworks, but I did get a photo of the cake!)


It was huge! I was so full from dinner at this point I remember having a couple of bites which were delicious, but sadly I didn’t get to taste each layer. I need a bigger stomach for adventures like this!

All told, it was an amazing experience and I’m lucky to have been invited to such a special wedding that joined together such wonderful and generous friends.

Have you been to an out-of-this-world type of wedding? Anyone wish they had done a destination wedding?

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