A break from work leads to a trip abroad


Today I produced my last workshop of 2013 for creativeLIVE. Since August I’ve been going strong, working with some incredible instructors to bring great content to the computer screens of folks around the world. I’ve been happy to be working mainly on our photography channel which has reminded me of my undergrad years where I basically majored in photography (Visual Media to be exact- thanks AU) but ended up not becoming a shooter after feeling like my images were never really good enough. I started focusing on television and while I bought a DSLR to take with me to Alaska:


Me on one of my first shoots in Seattle


This photo made it to the National Geographic website in 2008, looking at it now, I see so many flaws!

I thought of it more as a hobby. Having a DSLR on set was just helpful for production/ marketing deliverable purposes, but after awhile I stopped doing that. My camera has sat dormant, save for a few trips abroad where I realized I ended up using my iPhone more than wanting to lug my larger camera along with me, especially as I felt that my skill level was just so pedestrian.

But then this year, joining the creativeLIVE team, being surrounded by talented photographers on staff and being handed photography instructors to work with has really woken up my passion for shooting again. I realized that while it’s better to have really fantastic images straight out of camera, a little editing is not  “cheating”.

arch de triumph2010runfitkin

For example this photo wouldn’t suffer from some post-processing.

All of this led me to start thinking about what to do with all my time off before the next course I’ll be producing in late January. I want to get out and start shooting. Having about three solid weeks with light to almost no work means absolute freedom. When my brother-in-law and father-in-law started talking about taking a trip to Nepal it spurned the idea of another international trip for me. But Nepal is not where I want to go right now and their timing doesn’t work well with mine. So I thought about it and honed in on Paris. I’ve been there before, I could easily do it alone, and something about Paris in the winter just draws me in.

With a promise to keep the round trip under $1000 I used some miles to get me across the country and from their to Paris was around $750. Sold. I found an apartment on for less than a thousand for 6 nights and boom. I’m booked. I leave in a week. Expect some better photos this time around.

eiffel tower 2010 runfitkin

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