Touring the Amalfi Coast: Part 2


Walking was a huge part of our Italian trip. We walked from town to town, throughout ruins and up and down some super narrow roads with small Italian cars and mopeds zooming by us.


A beautiful and rare spot on the side of the road for pedestrians.

We’re looking back at Minori on our way back to our apartment in Maiori. Walking on the roads could be pretty scary!

Since we had another day to tour around before the wedding, John researched a way to get us to the Path of the Gods, we woke up late had a delicious breakfast at the cafe two doors down from our apartment and leisurely made our way to Amalfi. We figured we’d be on the path in no time.

What we hadn’t expected was how hard it would be to get on a bus in Amalfi around noon. Apparently that’s when all the school kids are let out and they push and shove to get on all the buses, making tourists who don’t have a clue waiting for the next round (about an hour later). We ended eating lunch in the main square in Amalfi which was entertaining to see so many tourists and locals mixing all together.

When we finally did make it onto a bus, we were lucky to sit behind two other tourists who were looking to take the same hike. It was reassuring that they got off at the same stop we did and John had the iPad with photos to show us exactly how to get to the trailhead, it wasn’t exactly intuitive from the road without the help of a guidesite.  But then we saw this lovely sign and we were happily on our way.

Benvenuti sul sentiero degli dei

(Welcome to the Path of the Gods)




(on the edge of the world!)


Sparkling waters below


Positano in the distance

While it was somewhat frustrating to get to the path, the views were completely worth it. The stairs to get all the way down to Positano were hard on my knee and when we realized that a bus down to the town from the path was going to take awhile I was less than pleased and even more scared of the roads. I clearly made it through, though, was not exactly happy about it.


I cheered up when John told me I could go shopping and buy anything I wanted. We looked around just a bit, and when nothing caught my eye a stop at a cafe was really all I wanted and needed.


Chocolate mousse for the win!

The ride back to Amalfi via the ferry was one of the highlights of the trip. Cruising at sunset, with a barely crowded boat, and a happy husband, that was great.



I’m a lucky wife

DSCN0341 DSCN0358

The following day was Lelia’s wedding! Which of course deserves a post all of its own, so I will hopefully get to finishing that one soon. I also have a whole bunch of photos from Paestum and Rome, which may just be a photo dump on the blog with just a few sentences so I can feel caught up. It’s hard to believe that this trip was over two months ago!

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