A break in silence with an update!


Hey you guys!! Man I’ve missed blogging. I’ve been pretty good about keeping up my instagram but even that has not been updated with a ton of personal fun stuff, as I’ve been enveloped in work over the last couple of months. So, while I still have 2 Almalfi posts to write (one talking about the rest of our time there, and one detailing Lelia’s amazing wedding) I just wanted to drop in on a Sunday to say hi, post some pictures from the last couple of weeks and give a quick rambling update on life, so here goes!


I’ve barely been doing either one. Last week, on Veteran’s Day I decided to get back into it by completing a hero WOD:


This was very hard, and in the middle of it, I literally lost a toenail (sorry, gross, I know. I’m not someone who takes or shares photos of this stuff, so don’t worry) but I finished it and man was I sore! Running has consisted of running to and from the gym (all of about a block and a half) to coach. I KNOW, I’m a coach who is not working out!! I no longer have excuses, while the tendons around my knee still feel very tight, and my knee occasionally hurts, I should be mobilizing and actually working out with it. Getting back into the gym last week was my first step, I’m making a crossfit comeback. As for running… I’m still holding off on that until at least January, maybe February… I signed up for the Vancouver Half which is in May, I have plenty of time to get geared up to train for that.


Surprisingly, I have actually been traveling quite a bit!  On the first of November I headed to San Fran for literally one night to celebrate my former boss’s birthday. I really missed my Indigo gang, and so when I got the invite to her party I couldn’t say no. I made the journey by myself and while I missed the hubbo, I had a blast with my old co-workers:


sexy Hana! If I look half as amazing as she does at her age then I will consider myself a winner of the gene pool. Hana is the spark plug of Indigo and I’m so happy that I got to help celebrate her birthday down in the bay area.


Me and Evan, two of the I (almost) Got Away With It originals.

Evan worked research with me on the first season of GOT, he then turned into an AMAZING art director while I stayed in Pre-Pro for years. We clearly love each other.

The next weekend, John convinced me to head to Portland with my in-laws and the pup and attempt to leave work behind for the weekend. It was a great decision and we had a really good time. We actually stayed in Vancouver, WA and traveled into Portland and then to Canon Beach on Saturday and just hung out in Portland on Sunday.


When in Portland you have to go to food trucks!

While in Canon Beach, I took most of my photos on John’s new iPhone, since my camera is acting really odd and giving off this hazy look recently. His pictures come out so crisp, I think I may want to upgrade just for the camera!

Anyway, here are my photos from that weekend:


Fort Vancouver, in Vancouver, WA


Portland Saturday Market


Mother’s! Best brunch in Portland, we got there at the exact right time before the crowds came in.

It was a very good idea for me to get away and have a little time to spend with family. Work has been incredibly busy, and I’ve been neglecting my husband and the pup so it was important for me to get out of town and not work too much over the weekend. All about balance, right?


Speaking of… I think I can now say more about my job! While learning the ropes has been a process, it’s hard to believe all I’ve done at creativeLIVE in the last 3 months, it’s been a trip!


From an experimental portraiture class with two extremely talented women


to creating a mock wedding with a brilliant high fashion, high end wedding photographer


to getting down to business to cover 30 days in three


To finding light and a lot of inspiration from a newborn and maternity photographer. It’s been wild and a huge learning experience all the way through.

It’s pretty amazing to hear from people that the company I work for and the things I do literally change their lives. Education is so important to me, knowing that you don’t know it all is a way to live a free and curious life. I now have 4 pretty intense courses under my belt, each one taught me something new (not only from the content the instructors were giving, but also about my job and even myself in a new and very different work environment). I’m giving so much of myself to this job, thus the many hours spent working and not doing too much else. I’m just now starting to figure out where balance can be found, but I know that it will take a lot of focus and it’s time to set some standards on how much I’m working.

So basically that’s what’s been going on! I look forward to taking a day off this week, before another two day course that’s coming up. If any of my readers are interested in learning how to make their vision better by doing some simple exercises, and learning this directly from a fantastic teacher please write to me in the comments!! Dr. Cobb from Z-Health and Vision Gym is coming in on Thursday and I need in studio students!

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