Tell Me About Your 2012


I’m joining in on the 2012 Miss Zippy fun. It has been a year of milestones for me.

  • Best race experience? Going in I wouldn’t have expected this one, but grabbing an unexpected PR in the Mustache Dasche 5K was probably the best race of the year. Maybe peppermint mochas are great pre-race fuel (no, they’re not, don’t try at home).


This race taught me that I can go in looking to have fun and not put any pressure on myself and then end up competing  and place! What the wha? (happy) Mind over matter baby.

  • Best run? Ack, so many. The one that comes to mind most clearly was the 20 miler that I ran by myself with aid from my dog and husband. He dropped water, he took video, he re-fueled me, she wagged and played in the water. I was able to chug through these miles at a good pace, it made me confident in my long running abilities.


  • Best new piece of gear? CEP compression sleeves and socks. Hands down, changed my life. THANK YOU for the recovery and for saving my calves.
  • Best piece of running advice you received?  During a marathon, start out slow. Someday I’ll learn.
  • Most inspirational runner?  Karen of She’s a talented runner, a great writer and a good friend. She’s had some marathon set-backs in 2012, but she’s an incredible inspiration for her will power, calm head and her back story.
  • If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Unexpected set backs and triumphs. Which is really what life should be.

Go ahead join in and answer Miss Zippy’s 2012 questions, it’s fun to think about what 2012 brought in your world of running.

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